Guy Dessapt

Guy Dessapt was born in 1938 and raised in the countryside of France. At a young age he began to paint countryside village scenes and spent many of his early years painting in the streets of Montmartre. Here he learned from many of the great French painters of the time. He left home at an early age and attended the Arts Decoratifs School of Paris and fell in love with the city of Paris. From there Mr. Dessapt continued to live the quinticential artists life and spent a great deal of time traveling throughout Europe capturing the spirit of each place he would visit. In the 1960's he spent seven years in New York and explored a variety of artistic techniques. The technique that Mr. Dessapt developed is quite unique. It blends acrylics and oils with texturing compound, creating rich surface texture and brilliant colors in well balanced compositions. His paintings seem to shimmer with specks of pure color, forming stunning reflections and somber shadows. His pieces evoke strong,! seemingly romantic emotions difficult to explain but nearly palpable. After having experience tremendous success in the United States, Dessapt move back to the French countryside and lives in the house his grandfather built. He is currently experiencing unparalleled success in Asia, where he is considered one of the great artists from the Paris School. This brilliantly talented quinticential artist will eventually be recognized as one of the great artist of his time.